my report is better but I need to improve on my alegebra and time because I am not that strong on alegebra. my English report was good but my reading is not that fluint my sose was good tand so was art. my pe was not so good I did not do what was set over all it was good

my holidays

my holidays where awesome my cousins came down from Melbourne and stayed at my grandma. we have a block in dunkeld and we went there for two nights. I flipped the quad and stuff my back and my shoulder and still recovering and my cousin had broke his arm it was a green stick fracture it was really funny thoe. so we went to lakepertobe for a family catch up and my cousin took his remote control car and it started to smoke so we quickly had to but it under water. then I went to shooting and I was shooting clays I got 29 out of 75 it is really really hard to shoot their.


my report was alright

maths i would like to do maths then english because you figgure out things not write.

english english would be fun if we could play games.

cooking cooking is good beause you make cool things.

french french is good but i dont see why we have to learn different languges when i live in australia.

sose sose is good because we learn about our history.

scinece scince is the best because you can you technical things.

drama drama is sooooo good because you can muck around in class.

ilearn ilearn is the best because you can go on blogs.

P.E exhaustiion



ita buttrose

Ita Buttrose was born on the 17 of January 1942 at Potts Point, New South Wales. Ita was raised as a catholic, by her parents Charlie and Clare. At the age of 31, Ita married architect Oliver MacDonald. They have two children, a daughter Kate and a son Ben. The divorced in 1976 then in 1979 she married

Ita started, her career at The Australian Woman’s Weekly at the age of 15, she then went on to become the editor. Ita then established the Cleo magazine.

At the age of 23 Ita become the first female editor of the Australian metropolitan news paper – The Daily Telegraph and later on the Sunday Telegraph.

Ita is committed to lots of charities some include World Vision Australia, Juvenile Diabetes foundation, Safety House. Ita is also president of Alzheimer’s Australia.

Ita is also known as an author and has published 9 books.

Ita was awarded Australian of the year 2013 because she opened the gates to all women to have the jobs in the media and ita has also comitted to lots and lots of charaties to raise awarness.

term events

This year 2013 I am in a good class 7f I have met so many new friends (tags) ,nick and Isacc.

Cooriemungle was a great thing because we had a chance to know the class and make new friends.

Swimming sports was great I got third and every one had a great day it was a really good day.

I am in childers and we are yellow my tute teacher is ms pete it is the best. To tell you the truth I am enjoying school.